Professional Biography

Tom Byrne's 20-year direct marketing career includes accomplishments as a marketing manager, database consultant, and senior ad agency executive. His career:

Spans consumer, business-to-business, and not-for-profit marketing as a user and provider.

Encompasses all key applications: customer acquisition, cross-marketing, retention, and renewal — as well as inquiry and lead generation.

Includes all major direct response media from print to electronic media. The common thread in his background is making businesses "bigger, better, leaner, keener, slicker, quicker — and more profitable!" Tom calls it "Continuous Improvement Marketing."

The ideas behind Continuous Improvement Marketing started when Tom launched and managed a lead generation program for Pitney Bowes. He grew it into the largest sales support program in its category, providing 550 field sales representatives with over 5,000 leads per month. During the seven years Tom directed the program, the number of leads increased yearly — and the cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale decreased yearly. This was done through longitudinal planning, controlled testing of new audiences and lists, judicious development of new offers and creative executions, early elimination of under-performing program elements, forward planning of production, accurate application of seasonality and customer purchase patterns, and great diligence in tracking and analysis. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recognized his work with its Platinum Echo Finalist award, a designation reserved for programs with a minimum of five years of sustained performance.

Throughout his career he has always sought out, and been sought by, the best in the business. During the last five years, the DMA elected four of his past bosses and clients to its Hall of Fame. He’s guest lectured at three universities, written articles for DMA publications, taught industry newcomers through the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing's Basic Course, and organized numerous direct marketing and business seminars.

His MBA is from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and his BA degree is from Creighton University. In January he completed an eight-week Advanced MBA certificate program from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business.

Tom also has rewarding non-business accomplishments. These include: restoring an antique automobile, saving a life, winning elected public office, and training a housecat to do tricks.

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