Throughout his career, Tom has won acclaim for generating direct marketing results that are measurable, accountable,… and verifiably cost effective.

Fresh from college, he joined the advertising staff of Spiegel, arriving just in time to participate in the successful repositioning of the catalog initiated by its legendary CEO, Hank Johnson.

After earning his MBA at Kellogg, Tom built his reputation by aggressively and innovatively driving top-line results in management roles at The Signature Group (now GE Financial Assurance) and CNA Insurance.

This led an advertising agency to seek his advice in planning its entry into the direct marketing arena. The agency, Tassani & Paglia, asked Tom to join them in 1987 as the general manager of its direct marketing division.

In 1990, Tom joined direct marketing legends Pierre Passavant and Jim Kobs in a new agency. Kobs Gregory Passavant was a high-powered direct marketing affiliate of Bayer Bess Vanderwarker, a large packaged goods agency. During ten years at KGP, Tom worked with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune-caliber organizations such as the AARP and Quaker Oats and guided them through marketing issues ranging from customer acquisition to building customer lifetime value to testing distribution alternatives.

At KGP, Tom started a lead generation program for a Fortune 300 client, Pitney Bowes. It rolled out nationally in two years and grew to be the largest direct response program in its category. During the seven years Tom managed the program, the cost per response fell 60% and response rates improved by 36%. Most importantly, the cost-per-sale improved each year. In 1998, the Direct Marketing Association recognized his program as a Platinum Echo finalist. Because the Platinum is reserved for managers who demonstrate a minimum of five years of sustained performance improvements, many consider it the ultimate industry honor.

Since 2000, Tom has worked independently, applying his direct marketing know-how to help his clients become "bigger, better, leaner, keener, slicker, quicker… and richer SM" through specialized strategic, database, market research, and financial consulting services.

Tom's a graduate of Creighton University (BA) and Northwestern University (MBA), and in 2004 he completed Tulane University 's Advanced MBA executive education program. Outside the office, his accomplishments include restoring an antique automobile, saving a life, winning elected public office, and training a housecat to do tricks.


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