Success in today's direct marketing environment depends on many elements. Some are "make-or-break, others "important," and yet others a modest "plus-or-minus." This is true for start-ups, flanker launches, acquisitions, and for existing businesses.
Direct Diagnosis is a canvass of all the Success Elements - current or anticipated - in your organization's operation: competitive activity, audience issues, margins and financial measures, operational issues, promotional opportunities/constraints, and revenue streams.
Working with a team of other experienced direct marketing consultants, Byrne Direct Marketing tabulates the results of the canvass. Success Elements are both weighted relative to each other and against industry norms.
The result of the Direct Diagnosis process is an overall "score" predictive of the success or failure of your planned direct marketing program. This overall score is helpful in assessing an acquisition, planning a flanker business, introducing direct marketing as a distribution channel, or forecasting the ongoing success of a mature venture.
An even more valuable result of Direct Diagnosis is an item-by-item score for all success elements. Using this score, management can clearly identify strengths and deficiencies and commit resources to provide the best payoff.